Leaving The Box

It wasn’t like he didn’t like going out. He just would rather stay home and play video games or listen to music then hang out with people he didn’t necessarily like. He liked his anime better then the real world. No one could hurt him. People were idiots. Which is why he didn’t expect himself to be standing beside the bus stop waiting for her. It was a Saturday evening, and Penelope forced David to get out of his house and wait for her at the bus stop. He was nervous around girls and he hated crowded places like the bus. But for some odd reason he agreed to meet her there. Well, after a lot of convincing he finally said yes. He sighed, and looked at his reflection in front of the glass of the bus stop shelter. He was wearing a snapback but his short brown hair was still visible. He was wearing a polo shirt and a pair of casual shorts. He was wearing his headphones and was getting into the song “Codec” by Zedd. Right when the beat dropped, someone took his headphones off.
“Hey handsome,” she whispered.
He looked down at her. She was short and had beautiful eyes. Her sea green eyes looked up into his and she was grinning.
“You scared me.” he mustered up.
Penelope smirked and stuck out her tongue.
“One day you’ll care about someone rather than something” she retorted.
David looked at her short black hair, and noticed her bangs were covering too much of her face. So he brushed her bangs away.
Penelope didn’t expect it and he noticed her eyes widen and her cheeks were starting to blush.
The bus arrived and they went on it. Finally, David asked, “so where the hell are we going?”.
Penelope smirked and told him, “for me to know and you to find out, sweetheart”.
David sighed and sat back in his bus seat and Penelope sat beside him. They chose to sit at the back. Nothing came easy from Penelope. She was a mysterious puzzle he hadn’t solved and it always drove him mad. For all her knew she could be using him as a sacrifice and then funny thing is he wouldn’t be shocked if she did. She was just that odd. He didn’t know how he became friends with her, since they were little kids when it happened. But it was always her seeking new adventures and him tagging along reluctantly so she wouldn’t get hurt. As they got older he felt like she was home to him. Sometimes he’d rather stay with her then go home and that was a big deal. He knew he liked her, but he also knew Penelope didn’t like him back so he kept it hidden as much as possible. With Penelope’s past two boyfriends, he knew how to control his feelings.
“So how’s the ordinary life of ordinary David, hmm?” she asked.
David sighed.
“I’m not that ordinary” he replied.
“Come on David, you hate going out and when you do its because I keep asking.” she said.
“How does that gotta do with me being ordinary”
“Fine you’re antisocial”
“Then why’d you ask me to come with you, you could have asked someone else”
Penelope looked up at him and sighed.
“Why do you think I asked you, bonehead?” she questioned.
David shrugged.
“Because what’s the point of going on these adventures if its not with you?” Penelope whispered.
David looked at Penelope. Penelope had her eyebrows raised and her arms crossed. David shrugged as an answer.
“You know we have known each other since we were five, since I moved in this neighborhood. You were a small kid and no one talked to you but I did. You were funny and I liked that. I looked forward to going to school because of you. It’s been eleven years David, and I never asked anyone else to come on these ventures with me because I only want to create these memories with you” Penelope confessed.
David looked at her. He looked out at the window and saw the moving sun.
“I like you” David finally answered.
Penelope looked up surprised.
“I like you Penelope Stewart.But you probably don’t like me back and it’s alright”
Penelope blushed and sat back in her chair.
“You couldn’t say it any sooner, you nut?”
“Huh” David asked.
Penelope rolled her eyes and shook her head in a disappointed fashion. Then she smirked. She tugged at the collar of his shirt down so he leaned in to her. Then as they both looked at each other, she kissed him. They didn’t notice that the bus was nearly empty and they didn’t notice that David’s song was still going on. As they finally let go, Penelope grinned.
“I like you too, you antisocial freak”
David looked at her for a long time.
“For how long?”
“Since I was in grade seven, and I came home crying because I was bullied and you came to my house and delivered a bouquet of daisies with a Linkin Park Album with a note saying “don’t care about them, listen to music”, and I realized life without you would be pretty bad” Penelope told David.
“But what about Aaron and Mason?” David asked. They were her two previous boyfriends.
“Aaron liked me a lot, and I thought since you didn’t like me I might as well try liking him but we both know how that ended. And as for Mason, it was because he kept asking..we broke up mostly because of the fact that he noticed I liked you a lot.” Penelope explained.
“I didn’t like Aaron anyways,” David said.
“I always thought it was because he hurt me, but it’s kinda cute that you didn’t like him because you liked me”
David grinned.
“So where are we going?” David asked.
“Nowhere, this bus is going to go back to the bus stop, I was supposed to confess to you”
“On a bus?”
“We always started off our adventures by going on a bus, so thought it was the best place”
David kissed her on top of her head and Penelope smiled and kissed him on the cheek. She held his hand and David put his head on her shoulder.
“Didn’t know it’d be this natural” David told Penelope.
“You know what else is natural?”
David looked at Penelope and before they knew it, Penelope kissed him and David held her waist and kissed her back. Sometimes leaving your comfort box is worth it.

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