Growing Up: People That Hurt You

A boy recently told me, “you won’t get over the fact that people you’ve love and cherished have hurt you, they’ll always effect you. But one day you’ll stop giving a fuck. You are you and life goes on. Stop being too nice and realize you’re good enough”. I’m not going to act like a victim, because I’ve had my faults. But what I’m going to say is this; life does go on and accept the shit you’ve done and move on. We’ve all had people that we claimed we couldn’t live without. The funny thing is, we are living without them. We are breathing, talking, seeing, loving, without them. We were emotionally broken when they hurt you, but time passes by and your heart mends back in one piece. Darling, you’re life doesn’t stay in one place all your life. Remember that.

The Princess and The Dragon

“Hear ye! Hear ye! The princess is trapped in her castle with a dragon holding her hostage. He wants to tear her in pieces. Whose going to save her? The king has offered for the bravest prince to come forth and save his daughter whom will marry the prince in return.” The announcer yelled.
All the princes and noblemen were ready to save the dear princess. They suited up and rode their horses to the castle. Amongst them was a worried peasant boy who sold carrots for a living. He wanted to save her, not because he wanted to marry her but because he purely wanted her to be safe. Then there was a woman who dressed like a man so she wouldn’t get caught. She was a lady-in-waiting. She fell in love with the princess but moved to the city so she didn’t give in the temptation to kiss the princess. She was ready to save her and die for her because that’s what love was. To save someone and expecting nothing in return. The rest were just wanting to marry the princess for the royalty and importance they’d get. A pretty girl and money?! Who wouldn’t want that? But as these horses galloped up the hill and towards the castle. Something was wrong. The evil dragon had disappeared and the princess was standing in the front with a sword in her hand. And she smiled triumphantly.
“He just needed a little threat, and off he went back to his home, funny ain’t it?” The princess told the herd of people who were ready to save her. They looked at her. Some felt defeated and others felt angry. The princess invited everyone for an evening ball as a thank you and sent them off to wear their proper attire. 
The princess had saved herself and she felt hella good doing it.
Don’t wait for your knight in shining armour, sweetheart. You’re not weak and you can save yourself.

We Are Human: April

Its time to say no without having to explain yourself. You don’t want to give him your number? Then say no. You don’t want to hang out? Then say no. You don’t feel comfortable by doing something you’re told to do? Then say no. You don’t want to have sex? Then say no. You are the controller of your life. If your refusal is not respected make a fuss. Because you are an equal human being to the rest of them. Don’t hide your feelings. Darling, no one else is going to say no for you. So next time don’t be scared to reject a proposal. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Growing Up: Unrequited Love

There’s something beautiful about unrequited love. Its something you just can’t control. Its something that teaches you a lesson or two. Sure, you can be sad about it but don’t pity yourself. There’s nothing wrong with you, it just wasn’t meant to be. And maybe it’ll be a long time until you find the perfect lover. Maybe you won’t get over them for a long time. But that’s okay. Right now its not meant to be, but don’t stop loving in general. Don’t be afraid to love someone new. Because you’re worth it. You have the capability of finding someone that will love you back. That will love your flaws and make you laugh just so they could see your smile. That will brag to the world that they get to see you at your worst and at your best. But for now the person you have fallen for doesn’t feel the same way. But that’s alright. You’ll move on and realize that its not as big of a deal as you thought it to be. I learned that I should just take my chances instead of being scared of my fate. And some learn that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Cry and watch a sad movie. Its alright. There’s a beauty in unrequited love, it teaches us to accept things even if its not how we like it to be. Hold on sweetheart, you got this. 

Growing Up: Should I Give Up The Sword?

I’m not a good warrior. Sometimes I want to give up the sword and surrender. I want to run back to my small territory and hide. But the thing is, at the end of the day we’re the ones fighting our own battles. No one else is going to solve my problems for me. No one else is going to know about the demons I fight every night. Things won’t be okay. I’ve learned that from life. That things won’t ever go back to the way they were. We just get used to it. Life will keep on changing. We will keep on changing. Along the way we will lose friends we used to dream of spending our lives with. We will have a different relationship with our parents. We will see the world in a different light. So no things won’t be okay. But we don’t know what else to hope for. So we fight. We cry during the nights where no one can hear us. We wonder about when it all went downhill. But we live. Because that’s all we can do.  So yes I am a warrior. I may suck at being strong but I will keep living. Not for the hope that things will get better but for the hope that I’ll find a way to be okay with it. I’ve learnt repeatedly that at the end of the day we only have ourselves to please. I am weak but I will keep on fighting.

When Is It About Me?

Its time that we started dreaming. Its time that we started having hope. Its time that we say “no” without having to explain ourselves. Its time that we started believing in ourselves. Why are we scared? What are we scared of? Regret? Remorse? Abandonment? Life is not a fairy tale and we learn that the hard way. We are not the princess that gets saved by the handsome prince. We save ourselves. So why stay in the corner of your mind being afraid of everything your way? Hon, you’re a fighter. A warrior. So its time that we started making our own destiny. We are fighters destined to be our own leaders. Your life is in your hands. Remember that.

Growing Up: Making Memories


But maybe singing stupid songs and laughing at lame jokes can give you the best satisfaction out of life. Maybe living in the moment and feeling that just for a second everything is alright is the right way to go. We’re all going through a lot. None of us know what we’re going to get out of life. But you know what? That’s okay. One day we’ll look back at the memories where we couldn’t stop smiling, where we lived just for us. We won’t be caught up in the memories where we know what we’re doing with our lives. So here it is; live while the moment is there. Go on swings during the winter. Laugh with the guy you like, even though you know he likes someone else. Buy an ice cream sundae and devour it. Run in the rain. Bask in the sunlight. Cherish the ones you can laugh freely with. Things will be okay, but for now live for yourself.