We Are Human: May

There will come a day you’ll realise you’re getting inevitably older. You can’t stop it. And you can’t run away from this fact of life either. The other thing you’ll realise is you haven’t done much. You didn’t do crazy wonderful things. You just lived a mediocre life and at one point it just becomes a routine to follow rules. You haven’t kissed in the rain, or have gone skinny dipping with the best friend you fell in love with. You put people before you and you tried your best exceeding expectations. But is that what we should waste our time on? One day it’ll hit you, and you’ll look out the window and tell yourself its time to shine. Its time to stop being worried about the future. Sometimes you need to do something stupidly insane. As we get older we only regret the chances we didn’t take. So before its too late, go for it sweetheart.

We Apologize Too Much, I know.

1. Don’t yell at us for saying sorry. We can’t control it. And we’re probably saying it because we don’t want to lose you like we’ve lost other people.
2. Don’t say that apologizing is for the weak. We already think that. We don’t need you to remind us.
3. Don’t find our habit of apologizing annoying. We know its annoying but we can’t help it. We don’t like our personalities enough to not be sorry for it.
4. Sometimes we don’t know how to do anything in a situation except to say sorry. Its just the things we’ve experienced that made us like this.
5. Please be patient with us. We’re trying our best.
6. Don’t take advantage of our apologizing nature and not say sorry when you clearly did something wrong.
7. We’re used to having people leave because we did something wrong. So saying sorry is our safe place to go.
8. Calm us down and tell us it’ll be fine. Don’t stress us out by telling us to stop constantly saying sorry.

Growing Up: Feminism

Today, I heard a few people talking about how feminists are embarrassing and they are always bashing on men. What surprised me was that they were all females. Now I don’t think all men are ravaged monsters, just like how not all women are innocent. But I do know is that feminism is an ideology, a belief that men and women should have equal rights. People that claim to be feminists but bash on men, are not feminists at all they are sexist. Just like how islamic terrorists are not Muslims but are simply fanatics. The world is a huge place full of huge problems. But gender shouldn’t play a role in how one should be treated anymore. I am a girl and honestly I’m sick of the fact that just because I’m a female with female body parts, I get treated differently. I’m tired of boys thinking they have to be a jerk in order to be a ‘man’. Feminism is an ideology and brings us closer to peace and prosperity. I’m not saying respect women and hate men. Respect everyone that deserves it. Equality can be achieved.

The Liebster Awards

I have been nominated by the stunning https://girlwithgreeneye.wordpress.com/ for the Liebster Awards. Thank you, it means a lot :)

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My Answers:

1) Who is your favourite celebrity?

That’s a hard one!! I loveeee Dylan O’Brien but I also have a woman crushes on Emma Stone and Taylor Swift

2) No.1 movie?

An Indian movie called Kabhi Khushi Khabi Gham

3) In 1 word sum up your blog.


4) Lana Del Ray or one direction?

Lana Del Ray

5) If you could bring any book alive what book would it be?

The Beginning of Everything

6) Favorite animal?


7) Alpaca or Llama?

Llama (the animal reminds me of my best friend)

8) Why do you have this blog??

To encase the concept of growing up and life moving on. Also, it’s because of my dream of being an activist I decided to write posts about the world. I don’t want people feeling alone.

9) Unicorn or Pegasus?


10) Peanut Butter or Nutella?


My ten questions:
1)What was your first post on your blog about?
2) Tuna or chicken?
3)Toes or fingers?
4)Are you in love?
5)Is this blog important to you?
6)Have you every wanted to eat something but realised you have no money for it?
7) Where do you go when you’re angry?
8) Are you okay?
9) Pie or Cake?
10) Kids or no kids?

I nominate:

Growing Up: Trying

The thing is, I’m trying. I’m trying my best to not get angry or say something regretful. I’m trying my best to not sulk at everything. I’m trying my best to be optimistic. I’m trying my best to invalidate my emotions and hoping that things will get better. But does it ever? Or do we just get used to it? I don’t want to be alone. But its so fucking hard to ask for help. Its like I’m just on thin paper and I’m just waiting for it to rip. I’m tired of feeling lost and I’m tired of letting go. Yes I’m weak. I’m sad. I’m pitiful. I’m worthless. I’m ugly. I’m too loud. I’m too moody. I’m terrible. I’m dramatic. I’m stupid. I’m not okay. I’m falling.

The Prince’s Spotlight

It was the night of the ball. A ball to find the right bride for the prince. Many beautiful princesses came to marry the man they’ve dreamt of marrying. They all wore their nice dresses and looked beautiful. But the prince didn’t feel right. He was bored because the person he really wanted wasn’t to be seen. Then a girl with a blue dress walked in the ball and everyone looked at her. She was a girl who smelled like ashes. She had blonde hair and glass heels. The prince smiled and walked up to her. She grinned back. Time was ticking and she was scared her sisters would see her. But she had to do this for the prince.
“Cinderella, you look gorgeous” the prince had said. She rolled her eyes and took her hand. As they danced she pulled him to the garden. The prince was delighted. Because it was the moment he was waiting for. A man with brown hair and glowing green eyes walked towards the couple. Cinderella smiled at the prince, whom seemed like he was glowing of excitement.
“Thanks, Cinderella” the man had said as he finally came in front of them. Cinderella laughed and let go of the prince. She pushed him towards the man and then walked away into the night. The man and the prince started dancing. Love was in the air.

Growing Up: People That Hurt You

A boy recently told me, “you won’t get over the fact that people you’ve loved and cherished have hurt you, they’ll always effect you. But one day you’ll stop giving a fuck. You are you and life goes on. Stop being too nice and realize you’re good enough”. I’m not going to act like a victim, because I’ve had my faults. But what I’m going to say is this; life does go on and accept the shit you’ve done and move on. We’ve all had people that we claimed we couldn’t live without. The funny thing is, we are living without them. We are breathing, talking, seeing, loving, without them. We were emotionally broken when they hurt us, but time passes by and your heart mends back in one piece. Darling, your life doesn’t stay in one place all your life. Remember that.