Growing Up: Making Memories


But maybe singing stupid songs and laughing at lame jokes can give you the best satisfaction out of life. Maybe living in the moment and feeling that just for a second everything is alright is the right way to go. We’re all going through a lot. None of us know what we’re going to get out of life. But you know what? That’s okay. One day we’ll look back at the memories where we couldn’t stop smiling, where we lived just for us. We won’t be caught up in the memories where we know what we’re doing with our lives. So here it is; live while the moment is there. Go on swings during the winter. Laugh with the guy you like, even though you know he likes someone else. Buy an ice cream sundae and devour it. Run in the rain. Bask in the sunlight. Cherish the ones you can laugh freely with. Things will be okay, but for now live for yourself.

Let’s Have a Toast

Cheers to the sleepless nights that are filled with worries and restless thoughts. Cheers to the people that have left you and took a piece of you with them. Cheers to the times you broke down crying your bathtub while taking a shower because you realised you don’t know where you are in life. Cheers to the times you looked at the mirror and suddenly felt depressed because you think you’re ugly. Cheers to the days where you walked outside and felt lonely and sad. Cheers to the times you pushed someone away because you were just tired of becoming attached to people that could snatch away your peace. Cheers to the failures that you apparently think shapes you and the person you are. Cheers to the times you faked your smile because you didn’t want to answer your questions. Cheers to the amount of times your heart broke and you wanted to kick love in the balls. Cheers to you being able to hold on and hope for a better day. You’re a warrior and its time to start believing that you’ll be okay. Cheers. Cheers to living sweetheart.

Well, Shit.

The feeling of sadness consists of the need to cry, suicidal thoughts, self-pity and loneliness. One feels hopeless at this stage. Others feel confused and lost. Some wander and don’t know where and how to find a solution. But the feeling is common. Sadness. A lot of us feel weak when we cry. Because its looked down upon and the last thing we need is someone pitying us, because we do that enough ourselves. This feeling sucks. It brings us down in various ways. And it effects us, makes us very tired. I’m tired of wanting to scream but forcing myself to stay silent. I’m tired of wanting to die. I’m tired of feeling like I’m useless. These are the nights where I’m just on thin paper and waiting for it to rip.

Rape: It’s Not About Gender, It’s About Humanity

Every year, the statistics of rape and violence against women increase. Recently, a 27 year old man was acquitted for raping a 13 year old female, because she was “well-developed”and the man couldn’t have known that the girl was underage due to these circumstances. But no one questioned the fact that he raped her. Another case where rape is involved, is the gang robbery of a Christian school in India. 4 or 5 men raped a 71 year old nun because she resisted. Whenever someone talks about rape or harassment either people roll their eyes because the topic is ‘overrated’ or they ignore it because for some odd reason we think ignoring a problem makes it go away. Earlier last year, Indian media decided to emphasize a certain case where 5 men gang raped an innocent girl on the bus. One of them said, “Girls should allow it and just stay silent”. Later, the female passed away due to the injuries she received. Many people on the bus stayed silent, and a lot of people said, “she shouldn’t have been out that late without a man protecting her”. But celebrities decided to speak against rape due to this scenario and now feminists from all over India are taking a stand. But the thing is, every opinion has another opinion against it. A video became viral and it was called, “Why Rape is Joke in India”. The speaker took on a comedic approach to explain harassment and rape. Another youtuber decided to make his response to this video, and in it he explained that cases like the gang rape case that was explained earlier, that are exploited in media make males look bad. But the thing is this crime happened, a girl got killed and it just so happens that the rapists were men. A person talks about her experience of getting sexually harassed by a man and people are annoyed because this makes men look bad. But is it her fault that it was a male that made her feel harassed? And yes men do get raped. And yes it is not exploited in the media but that is not the fault of anti-rape activists or feminists. That is the fault of society. Whenever someone speaks out against these topics, someone else always has to say, “men get raped too”. But that’s not the point, the point is people get raped and its time to identify rape as a crime and not let rapists get away with what they’re doing. Rape is not a topic of sexism it is a question of humanity. Rape is inhumane and disgusting. It’s the 21st century and the US justice system still lets rapists off the hook because of status, gender, money and much more. Citizens are ashamed of their countries’ rising statistics of rape and they feel insulted that it is publicized but a victim shouldn’t be silenced because of that. The point of this rant was to talk about how rape is not justifiable. Not to bash on men, because I do understand a lot of men are misunderstood because of these increasing cases of rape but instead of silencing a victim because their story makes your gender look bad, help the victim out and realise rape is sickening.

Growing Up: Validating Your Emotions

Tick tock tick tock
They say time heals pain. But does it relieve the anger I have built up inside me? Does it make me feel like the emotions within me are valid? Does it stop people from always expecting things from me?
Tick tock tick tock
Why is it that I have to run to keep up with life? That every minute that passes by is just another 60 seconds of abstract thoughts? Why don’t I ever know what I’m feeling?
Tick tock tick tock
Why is it that its expected of me to constantly be content with life? Because I’m not. I’m stressed and I feel like I’m on a thin line waiting to take a wrongly calculated step and end up falling off. But no I can’t be because I don’t have it that bad.
I’m not saying this for myself but fuck anyone that thinks a person shouldn’t feel sad or angry about their life. Their reasons are valid and you don’t get to judge. Yes things will get better for them but until then you have to be there and make them feel confident that the way they’re feeling is completely reasonable. Don’t invalidate someone’s feelings because you think you have it worse.

We are Human: March

To the ones that are always being walked all over on, realise you’re better than that and next time someone tries to walk all over you, you have the power to trip them and make them feel like shit. To the ones that feel like they’re being abused by their loved ones, honey if they were really your loved ones you wouldn’t feel abused. To the ones that are scared of their parents disappointment because their parents sacrificed so much for you, its alright be a little selfish and go for something that makes you happy. You guys come from different worlds. They will understand. To the ones that regret letting the person they fell in love with go, learn from this and realise that we only regret the chances we didn’t take. To the ones that keep getting disappointed, the world doesn’t care for your expectations. So have lower ones. To the ones that don’t tell people how they’re actually feeling, do it for yourself. It only hurts you if you keep all your baggage in. To the ones that feel like they’re nothing. You guys are amazing so don’t focus on what you can’t do and focus on what you can. Like breathing.
Its time to be blissful not angry at the world.

The Disease: Broken Hearts

Broken hearts are hard to mend. We feel like we’re doing alright but then suddenly some song comes on and you’re reminded your heart is in pieces and nothing is getting better. Sometimes we suppress our emotions because we think ignorance is strength and that strength is all we need. You see him walking with his girlfriend and you try not to get jealous. What’s there to get jealous of? He’s not yours. And that’s what sucks. You can’t do anything in your position but hope that you’ll get over the person you’ve been thinking about all the the time. But you can’t just get over it and move on. Like every other form of pain, heartbreak takes time to heal. You’ll eventually stop looking for them in a sea of people. You’ll stop caring about the memories that once gave you butterflies. You won’t try hard to not look at them when they pass by. You won’t keep your love for them at the dusty corners in your mind and pull them it out at night when you’re alone. You’ll find someone. Everyone gets diagnosed with a broken heart, and as you can see everyone has different cures sweetheart. You’ll get there.