Why Do You Keep Waiting For Me?

Thirty minutes is technically a long time. It’s 1800 seconds and 1800000 milliseconds. You can write an essay in thirty minutes. You can eat a box of cookies in thirty minutes. You can watch an episode of your favorite anime in thirty minutes. You can read the newspaper in thirty minutes. You can talk to a friend in thirty minutes. You can also do a whole workout session in thirty minutes. Yet you still waited for me in the library for thirty minutes (for the second time). Every time I try not to get myself to like you too much you make it so damn hard not to. I don’t regret walking to your house and making you come downstairs because you left before I came to the library. Because you spent thirty minutes waiting for me and that’s honestly amazing. I still don’t get how you’re not annoyed with me yet.

Its Just A Rant…Sorry.

“You can’t save the world”
“We’re too insignificant to help”
“What type of dream is that? Why don’t you become a doctor and just donate your money instead”
“It’s a waste of time”
All my life I always felt like I was nothing special. I had nothing to offer. My friends were all smart, artistic, or pretty. I was none of them. Or at least
I felt like I was none of them. But slowly I’ve been figuring out myself and I realized my need of helping others and my love of taking care of kids. I guess I can blame some of these attributes on my dad. Who always taught me that no matter what I should help other when they need it, because its the right thing to do. My dream is to go to developing countries and improve the orphanages there. And maybe build some good ones. My dream is to help little girls and boys to go school and become educated to help the world. My dream is to use all my energy to help the world as much as I can. Not because of the merit or the awards because honestly it’s hard getting awards for simply helping. But I want to do it because I want to live to help people, so they never feel helpless or alone, I want this world to be better. And yes I may be too insignificant to do that, but you know what its a passion to help people and I don’t care anymore. The message here is do what you want no matter what people say. As cheesy as it sounds you’ll find a dream and the only way to work towards is to tear down the walls you built that confines you and believe you can reach that dream.

In Sync

What do you do when you like someone so much, but they reject you to the point that it hurts? You move on. You guard your heart and promise yourself you won’t like anyone for a long time. But then after a while someone walks by and you can’t just not notice. You try to brush it off. Pfft they’re just a person. But somehow you’re drawn to this person. A while later you stop guarding your heart and fall for them. Of course when I fell for Xavier, somehow I kept liking him and I didn’t know why. Now I’m sitting in science class doing the work our teacher left us and I could feel Xavier kicking me in the back of my chair. I sighed and turned around.
“What?” I asked in irritation.
“Sophieeee, why are you doing work when we have a substitute it’s just a waste of time” Xavier told me.
“For the millionth time Xavier, it’s Sophia and I want to get this done so I can study the next lesson at home, why do you care anyways?” I questioned.
Xavier suddenly got up and leaned across his desk and plopped his head on my shoulder. I blushed and looked at him.
“I care because, you’re wasting all your time studying and none of your time to have fun..Live a little Sophie” he told me.
I sighed. Studying relaxed me, I was able to control it, there was always a definite answer.
“Well we’re still in school, are we not?” I pointed out.
Xavier sighed and buried his face more into my neck. I pushed his head away and he chuckled. I looked at him and scowled. He sat back down and went back to his seat. I looked back at him and rolled my eyes. I noticed his wavy black hair was messy and he was wearing a loose cardigan, that made him look tired…in a cute way. His tan skin made his grey eyes stand out. Xavier laid his head on his hand and stared back at me with a grin. His eyes were droopy which made me want to touch his hair. I sighed and looked back at my book. Xavier started playing with my hair. I didn’t know why he liked playing with my hair, it was light brown and straight. I guess I liked it that way, it kept order.
“Sophia, I can’t do this”
Xavier and I looked at Victoria. Victoria was a short and child-like girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She and I met when the year started and she was failing miserably (still is) and she begged me to help her. Somehow we became close. I didn’t want to be friends with her at first, she took away my studying time. But I felt bad and helped her out. She ended up becoming the closest person to me. Other then Xavier.
“Why not?” Xavier asked while smirking. Victoria scowled and showed me the paper full of chemical equations, there were numbers everywhere, but none of them were right. I looked at Victoria and she looked like she was going to cry.
“This shit is so easy Victoria” Xavier said with a sigh. A lot of things pissed me off about Xavier, but the one thing that drove me crazy was the fact he didn’t need to study to be smart, he was just a genius. He didn’t cherish his gift like I would if I had it. He shrugged it off, he never felt the need to brag about his nineties that he didn’t have to try hard to get. After Xavier’s remark, Victoria teared up and crumpled up the paper. I glared at Xavier who looked guilty and sad that he hurt Victoria’s feelings. And then a small wrapped chocolate appeared on her desk. There was another reason why Xavier drove me crazy, he gave chocolates to anyone if they were sad. Even if he didn’t know them.

Lunch time was the time where I ate as fast as I could in the cafeteria and ran to spend the rest of lunch in the library. I sat with Victoria who was telling me about her blog and how she can’t wait for baseball game tomorrow, since her boyfriend was supposed to come and watch. Victoria’s boyfriend was in a different school. I was happy for them, they had met over the summer and have been in love ever since. All of a sudden, Victoria stopped talking and scowled. I turned to see why she was scowling. It turned out she was scowling at the group of snobby popular girls behind us. The main leader, Annie was strutting in the cafeteria holding hands with her boyfriend Haine. Annie had straight blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing a pink floral dress with heels. Haine had the same clean brown hair and pale skin. They both looked like they came out of some highschool romantic movie. Everyone loved those two. The cheerleader with her quarterback boyfriend. After being in high school for two years, I looked like I didn’t deserve to even breathe the same air, but once upon a time I was Haine’s girlfriend and Annie’s best friend. Until I caught them sleeping with each other and broke up with both of them. And slowly I started focusing on studying and getting ready to leave high school as fast as I can. I lost all the popularity I had and dropped my position in the cheerleader squad. Strange isn’t it? What high school can do to you. And a year later, I was stuck with the wrath of Xavier and Victoria.
“I hate seeing those two,” Victoria groaned. I shrugged and focused on my tater tots.
All of a sudden the cafeteria was in an uproar and I looked back to see Haine holding Xavier by the collar of his t-shirt. Victoria and I walked closer to hear what was going on.
“Listen you twit, we had a deal” Haine yelled.
“I didn’t agree to the deal you shit.” Xavier spat back.
“So you’re going back on your promise?” Haine asked, gripping Xavier’s collar. Annie whispered something to Haine and they both looked at me. I took a step back.
“We made no promise, you asked me to get the answers and I told you I don’t have them” Xavier answered. It was comforting that even though Xavier was going to get beat up he still looked like he was winning the argument.
“Trying to look good in front of your girlfriend huh?”
Xavier smirked and kicked Haine in the stomach with his knee. While Haine bent down with a groan, Xavier kicked him to the floor. Although, Xavier was smart as hell, he didn’t know how to keep his temper. People looked at each other and some guys tried to hold Xavier back. Victoria and I ran to Xavier and before we could pull him away, Xavier yelled, “Well at least I don’t fuck her best friend and then have her change her whole life because the most important people to her screwed up. Don’t you fucking dare come near me or her or anyone again”. Victoria looked at Xavier admirably and I looked at Xavier and took a moment to realize they were talking about me. I blushed when all eyes were on me. And Xavier grabbed my hand.
“You can’t judge us, for what we did with Sophia, and anyways she chose to leave” Annie remarked. I raised my eyebrows. Annie always had a “good” reason and she always had the ability to blame other people. Even when I cried to her saying why she couldn’t have hooked up with someone else she told me, it wasn’t her fault he chose her over me. I never was able to stand up to her but I knew it was almost the end of the year and we had one more year a head of us.
“I’m much happier anyways without you guys,” I began while I looked at the whole group of cheerleaders and jocks. People around us were silent. They never expected me to talk.
“Oh with that prick and the dumbass blonde?” someone yelled.
“Funny how you guys pay attention to me, when I could careless about you guys” I admitted.
“Without you guys, my life is perfectly fine.” I said and walked out.

I went home after that and since it was Friday, I just skipped out on studying and went to bed. The next morning I cleaned the house. Somehow I found myself, sitting on the front steps of our porch looking at the evening sky. My single mom was at work and my brother was with my dad fishing. I found myself thinking about Xavier. The way we met was unusual. Xavier was known to beat people up, and somehow I became his lab partner in the beginning of last year. This was also when I was still a cheer leader and Annie’s best friend. He was quiet and sullen, but the first thing he did when we were doing the lab, he cracked a joke and I laughed. Slowly we became friends, and it was me that saved him from fights. Finally when everything was ruined and I pushed everyone away and disappeared during the summer, it was Xavier that broke those walls and would make me smile and forget about the world for at least a moment a day. I always got him out of trouble and he always respected my need to study. But somehow every time I looked up from, he was there smiling. He was always in high spirits. Then he started owning a weasel and sneaked him in class and I had to always save him when he got caught. But that weasel named Ralphie (to rhyme with Sophie) was like our momentum. Life without him would be hard. Before I knew it I was crying at how life was so exhausting.
I looked up and saw a breathless Xavier infront of me. He was wearing a hoodie and shorts. He brushed his hand along his messy hair and grinned. I looked and him and blushed.
“What are you doing here?”I asked.
“Because I’m worried..I gave you a day to cool down…I think that’s enough right?” He told me before he plopped himself beside me.
I sighed and nodded.
He snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him. I widened my eyes and tried pulling away from him.
“What the hell are you doing?” I cried.
“What do you think I’m doing? I’m trying to be closer to you” he yelled back.
“Because I love you” he answered. I looked at him and stopped breathing. He looked at me and smirked and leaned back.
“Why are you telling me this now?” I questioned.
“Because I can’t help it anymore.” he admitted.
I looked at him cover his face with his hands. I gently pushed away his hand and caressed his face and he raised his eyebrows.
“You know you never changed? even though your life changed, you were always the same just a bit more proud of yourself each day. You studied like crazy all the time, you never cared what people said. The reason why I liked you was because you were one of the only people that didn’t look at me with fear or resentment. You didn’t leave me” Xavier whispered. I closed my eyes and whispered, “I love you too” back. I felt Xavier’s hand around my waist and he pushed me towards him. I felt his lips against mine. My heart beat fast but I kissed back. My arms went around his neck and Xavier kissed me harder. I knew that no matter how life changed, it goes on and you find better people to live with. We finally let go and Xavier twirled a piece of my hair around his finger.
“Vctoria is going to get crazy when we tell her about us” Xavier informed me. I laughed.
Xavier put his head on my shoulder and told me the story of how him and Haine got into a fight. Apparently Haine had thought Xavier got his answers by looking at previous tests of his brother’s, but little did Haine know, Xavier was just that smart and his brother never went to this school. I rolled my eyes. The night fell and I looked at Xavier and he looked at me and yelled to the world he loved me and just like every other time when he got in trouble, I took his hand and hid behind the tree in our front yard so my neighbour wouldn’t see who yelled. Xavier laughed and I kissed him to shut up, he held my waist and kissed me passionately.

The Beat

As a freshman, you end up falling for guys that are bound to break your heart. As we grow older, our perspective on love, changes. We tweak our expectations and guard our hearts. Some of us, focus on the lust while others depend on hopeless romantic love. It’s just how life goes. If someone hurts you a lot with hypothetical knives, you may feel like love is not worth it and would rather experience sex and breaking other people’s hearts then trust someone. Not saying that’s wrong. Now dancing can represent true love or lust. That’s what I love about it. The fact that you can move to the beat of the song and be able to go with the flow thrills me.
“Yo Kiera, wanna start from the top again?” he asked me.
I shook my head from my distractions and looked up at him. We were in one of the dance academy’s studios practicing our new competition routine and it was becoming difficult to get a good ending for the dance. I sighed and shrugged. He plopped down to sit beside me.
He smiled and took my hand.
“I’ll give you five minutes and then we have to go back to practising” informed Damien.
I nodded and he smiled at me. Then he leaned into me and I swore just like every other time all I could hear was my heart beat. He caresses my face and whispers, “we can do this, okay? we’ve been partners for two years now and we’ve been unbeatable since”. I didn’t have the strength to look up at him so I kept looking down at my fidgeting hands.
I finally looked up and I saw Damien looking at me back with a comforting smile. I nodded and smiled back.
“Yeah I guess we can” I replied.
Damien kept looking at me and I kept staring back at him. Finally I looked at our proximity and blushed thinking about how close we were. If I moved an inch closer we’d be kissing. But all of a sudden, Damien snapped back to our surroundings and quickly stood up. I looked up at him in confusion. I guess we were too close.
“Anyways, I’ll give you five minutes, we’ll practise once and then head off, I have to go to some party tonight.” notified Damien before he left the room to get a drink. I sighed and looked at my reflection in the mirrors that filled the studio. My wavy brown hair was tied back with only my bangs out, I was wearing glasses and a baggy t-shirt with sweats. It had been like this since Damien and I won the last competition a year ago. He would show me he cared but then he’d act like he didn’t. I always knew Damien never really was the type to have an actual relationship ever since his girlfriend Juliet cheated on him. He always just hooked up with girls. Which was why we were opposites. I was a hopeless romantic. While I watched animes about love, and read romantic novels, Damien would go out to parties and end up spending the night with some random pretty girl. I was his best friend and knew everything about him, and he was the same for me but what he never realized is that I had feelings for him. I always liked him but I never let them get in the way of our dancing, but nowadays it had been so hard not to. The door opened and I stood up to stretch. I looked back at him and he came in as if nothing happened five minutes ago. I still felt the lingering touch on my cheeks.
“Let’s get started” Damien said. I nodded and turned on the music before I went to him.
Though we were opposites, there was one thing we had the same view on. It was dancing. Somehow it was as if the only thing we had in our minds was the beat and the way we moved with each other. It was as if it was only us in the world. Not in a romantic way either, it was just the actual feeling of it. His hand was on my waist and I shook my hips and somehow he dipped me and we were going for a faster beat with the song. The song ended and I was back on my feet. I let go of Damien and went to get ready to leave.
“So the party, you’re going to go to where is it?” I asked, to make conversation.
“Why? Do you want to go?” joked Damien as he put his backpack. He leaned back on the wall and put his hands in his pockets. I observed his black hair, that was messily on his head and his pale skin making his hair look darker. He was wearing a hoodie and sweatpants. I blushed.
“You don’t think I can handle a party?” I asked as I opened to leave. Damien held it before I could leave and I kept walking. We both started walking together to the parking lot. He was going to drive me home. I mean we’re both seniors but I can’t afford a car.
Damien chuckled.
“Not really Keira, you’d be better off reading your lame stories” answered Damien. I felt irritated.
“They’re not lame”
“Love is stupid” Damien finally said. I bit my tongue to keep my anger down.
“Just because you got hurt once doesn’t fucking mean you can just all of a sudden vow that love is stupid, Damien you know about Mike but do you really think I can handle hooking up with random guys and breaking their hearts even after that? I know you regret it every time you have sex with a girl that you don’t love but the thing is you keep doing it. I hate people like you. I hate you so much” I cried. Before I could think about it I ran out of the parking lot. I felt tears streaming down, and I could hear Damien try to catch up to me, but since I took a head start he couldn’t.

It had been a week since it happened. We didn’t talk much, we just practised and figured out the ending. After every practise I took the bus and he drove back home. People at school asked us what happened but both of us had the same answer. “it’s not like we were dating”. I wished we were. I wished I was back in the good old days when Damien and I were just simple. I had started dancing to all kinds of music since the age of five and Damien started since the age of eight. But even though we knew each other at school, it never occurred to us to be partners until we ended up being in the same dance class. The teacher paired us up together since my weaknesses were his strengths and vice versa. I remembered, I hated the fact she paired us up together. At the time, he was dating Juliet and I has just broken up with my first boyfriend Mike. Mike was older then me by a year and wanted to sleep with me, which I declined to do and we had broken up soon after the incident of where we were making out and I stopped before he could take off his pants. At the time when Damien and I were paired up, I thought Damien was an asshole who took dancing as a joke, and he thought I was a stuck up bitch that thought she was good at dancing when she wasn’t (we didn’t even see each other dance). But we forgot about all that once we started dancing together, it was as if something bounded us together and we were really good at noticing each other’s feeling towards the music. We started becoming good friends, Damien found out about Mike and then six months after the teacher put us in this state competition, the day before Damien found out that Juliet was cheating on him with his best friend. I found him drunk and passed out in his home and I had to get his shit together before the competition, we won and since then, he changed his ways to being a dick. I fell for him even harder. We kept winning contests and doing other presentations, a year after we met there was this one competition that changed the way Damien and I treated each other. We almost kissed. Since then, things changed and I’ve been getting more confused then ever. But seeing how I messed up, I think I lost my chance.
It was finally the day where we had to dance in the finals. This was where scouts from big universities watched performances and picked the best people to give dance scholarships to.
We were up next. I looked at Damien who was looking at the performance before us.
“They’re good” he told me. I nodded and sighed.
“Keira, talk to me”
I looked at him again he tilted his head.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because you need to know something before anything happens” he began. I raised my eyebrows. I leaned in close to him. I had to be careful that my dress didn’t ride up my legs. It was a light blue dress that went above my knees. It was supposed to give me a “cute” effect..something our instructor told us.
He looked at me and sighed.
“I like you”. My breathing stopped and all I could do was process those words. I was silent and I kept staring at him.
Suddenly we were called up to perform and both of us went up. The music started and I had to look at Damien, his eyes were intense and he kept looking at me. After forever the song came to an end but instead of him doing the finish we had decided, I switched our moves, so I ended up leaning into him and his arm was around my waist. His face was near my neck and I could feel his breaths. As the curtains closed I looked at him and whispered, “I like you too”. Damien widened his eyes and then he smirked. Finally, we kissed. His arms never left my waist and my hands caressed his face. Then we were shooed away because the next performance had to start. As we were sitting backstage, I looked at him.
“How? and when?”
Damien chuckled and smirked.
“Since that competition we almost kissed in” he admitted.
“But you still hooked up with like ten girls” I told him.
“Where’d you hear that from?” He asked me.
“Well I thought you did since…you went to all those parties” I said.
He chuckled even more.
“Just because I went to parties, doesn’t mean it was for sex. After I realized I liked you I never really was interested in all that. To be honest with you, every time we were close I knew I was this close to messing it up, which was why I would always stop anything before it happened” he replied.
I smiled sheepishly, and blushed at the fact that he sort of stayed faithful.
Before I could say anything, he kissed me and I wanted him to hold me just like the way he was.
“Let’s always dance together Kiera”

What If I Fall For Her

“Dad I don’t need a girlfriend to be happy”
“Oh come on honey, you’ve been so depressing these days”
Alisha set the plates on the table and glared at her father.
“I’m not depressing” exclaimed Alisha.
Her father chuckled.
“I meant these days. As in your depression is temporary.” clarified her father.
Alisha looked at her father. He was an aging man but with a young heart. He had slick black hair and a never-ending smile. Alisha  also had straight jet black hair. At the age of 16 she finally came out to her dad and he accepted her right after a second.
“As long as you’re able to have love in your life, I’m fine sweetheart.” her dad had said that  when she came out.
Two years later her father had started nagging her to get a girlfriend or anything that would make her genuinely happy.
“Look dad, if you don’t be quiet and eat dinner I’ll tell Jack that dinner is cancelled tomorrow” Alisha threatened.
Alisha’s dad surrendered and sat at his usual spot to eat. Alisha’s dad was an English professor and they lived in a small apartment fit for the two. Her older brother Jack lived in residence for his university. He came every Friday to have dinner with them. Both Alisha and her dad looked forward to Fridays.
“You’re just like your mother” stated Alisha’s father as they were eating Alisha’s homemade lasagna.
Alisha smiled. She knew other than her hair, everything else was passed down by her mom. Like her attitude, her height It was something to be happy about whenever times were tough and she remembered her mother’s death.
“Except your mother was a hopeless romantic”
Alisha sighed and glared at her father once more.
“Dad” she groaned.
“Fine fine. I’ll stop for now.”
Alisha grinned. For the rest of the dinner they talked about the day and what she planned to do with her life, since her graduation was getting close. Alisha knew one day, maybe she’ll find someone but for now she liked spending her dinners in her comfort.

“So your brother is bringing a girl over” Alisha’s father told Alisha.
Alisha looked up from her cooking and raised her eyebrows.
“I thought Jack’s girlfriend went to Paris for the month” inquired Alisha.
It was Friday evening and Alisha was cooking up dinner for the family, she always had extra left over so she didn’t worry about making more.
Alisha’s father shrugged and went to the dining table to set it up with the “good” plates. The plates they used when guests came over.
The doorbell rang and Alisha heard her father getting it. She could hear her brother and her dad greet as if they haven’t seen each other for thirty years. Alisha set the food on the table and went to the living room to hug her brother.
“Alisha” yelled her brother when she came in.
Alisha smiled and hugged him. She looked around and saw a girl sitting beside him. She had shoulder length curly red hair and green eyes. She was short and Alisha thought she was adorable. It was a wonder that she was as old as her brother whom was 3 years older. Alisha blushed and waved to her.
“Oh Alisha meet Juliya” introduced Jack.
Juliya looked up and smiled. Alisha shook hands with her. Juliya gripped tight and shook it well.
As the evening approached and after learning more about Juliya they went to eat dinner. Juliya and Jack had met last semester where they both had the same opinion on abortion and had to write an article on it for the class. Soon they became partners in crime and really good friends. She was also good friends with Jack’s girlfriend. She loved singing and writing.
“So Alisha, what are you interested in next year since you’re graduating” asked Juliya. Alisha looked at Juliya and envied the way she talked so confidently and full of spirit. She knew her boyfriend was a lucky guy. But she couldn’t help but feel attracted to her.
“Umm well I think I’m going into science or something” answered Alisha quietly. Juliya looked at her longer and then nodded.
“That’s a lot of studying” stated Juliya, pushing her hair to the side.
“Well thats what I need to do, study, get a job and I’ll be successful” replied Alisha as she took the bite of her lasagna.
Jack and his father snickered. Juliya raised her eyebrows.
“Well Mr. Ross you sure raised a great daughter. Wow” joked Juliya.
“What’s so funny about being serious about your future?” challenged Alisha.
“My dorky sister strikes yet again” said Jack. Alisha sighed and rolled her eyes and then smiled.
Juliya smirked.
“Well there’s more to life then that Alisha, you have to look at the amount of fun you’re having too” suggested Juliya.
“I’m not the type to go out and have fun I guess,” Alisha explained.
“Don’t you have a boyfriend?” questioned Juliya as she munched on her salad. Alisha was surprised at how straightforward she was. something else she was good at.
Alisha sighed and Jack choked on his water. Their father looked amused.
“Well Alisha plays in the same team as you” informed Jack with a smirk.
Juliya and Alisha looked at each other. Alisha looked away quickly and kept her focus on her plate.
“What do you mean same team?” tested Juliya.
Alisha and her father looked at Jack for his reaction.
“Well I mean you guys have the same interests” muttered Jack.
Alisha’s father chuckled.
“Interest? I think it’s called orientation. You can’t choose to be homosexual Jack” said Alisha’s father.
Juliya nodded.
“Okay fine, both you and Alisha are homosexual” disclosed Jack.
Alisha and Juliya smiled triumphantly and looked at each other. As the dinner was eaten, Alisha learned more about Juliya. Her laugh was beautiful. She was outgoing. Something about her made Alisha feel comfortable yet uneasy.
Soon it was time for Jack and Juliya to leave. While everyone was on the front porch, Alisha observed Juliya. By looking at her Alisha realized she was carefree and loved life’s chaos.
“Well I’ll go warm up the car. It was so nice meeting with you guys, I’ll try my best to come next time. And Alisha you are one interesting person, I hope I get your number soon”
Juliya hugged Alisha’s father and then Alisha. Alisha wished the hug lasted longer but it didn’t.
As Juliya left for the car, Jack looked at Alisha and smirked. It took Alisha a moment to figure out why.
“You did this on purpose. You and dad planned this” huffed Alisha.
Jack and their dad shared a look.
Alisha shook her head and sighed.
“We actually didn’t plan it. Juliya wanted to come cause she had nothing else to do.” asserted Jack.
Alisha’s father laughed and said, “well you and Alisha should have a talk. I’m going to go back inside. I’ll see you later bud” and with that he went inside. Alisha looked accusingly at Jack and punched his arm playfully. Jack laughed.
“You never know maybe you’ll fall for her” claimed Jack.
“Just because she’s lesbian doesn’t mean I’ll fall for her. I have many homosexual friends and I don’t see myself falling for them” argued Alisha.
Jack ruffled her hair.
“Things happen unexpectedly Alisha”

No matter how much she planned her life, today she realized it didn’t matter. Alisha looked at herself one last time in front of the full size mirror. Her black hair was pinned up in a loose bun, whilst loose curls were coming out of it. Her white wedding dress was tight at her chest and flowed loosely after hugging her waist with a bow. She looked around and her best friend was staring at her in awe.
“You look amazing Lish’, she’s one lucky girl” complimented Hazel.
Hazel was her friend since the freshman year of high school. They were inseparable since. They both went to the same universities and got their bachelors at the same time. It was a surprise they weren’t getting married on the same day. Alisha smiled and did one last twirl.
“I’m so nervous. God who knew I’d end up getting married to her?” asked Alisha.
Hazel rolled hery eyes.
“We all did.”
They both laughed. The door opened and it was Jack. His black hair was combed for the first time and he was wearing a tuxedo.
“Yo. You have two minutes to come to the alter”
“Yes I’m coming” said Alisha.
Jack smiled and put his hand around Alisha’s shoulders.
“Don’t ruin the veil Jack” scolded Hazel, whom was on the other side of Alisha.
Jack chuckled and Hazel stuck her tongue out at him.
“Okay children, stop it” commented Alisha.
Jack and Hazel rolled their eyes at each other and then looked at Alisha.
“Can’t believe my little sister is getting married, I mean you were so against falling in love and now look at you.” Jack told Alisha.
They both looked at each other and smiled.
“Let’s go before we end up being late at your wedding” cried Hazel as she pulled Alisha away to get out of the room.
Alisha met with her father before the alter, who was still tying his tie.
“Dad, seriously?”
Her dad looked up and sighed glumly. Alisha laughed and quickly tied his tie.
“What am I going to do without you?” asked her father as he put his arm around hers.
“Well I offered to stay but you were so set on making me fall in love”
Her father looked up and grinned.
They walked into the room. Alisha felt the world pause for a moment. She looked at the person she was going to marry, across the room.
Her red hair was straightened and was let down. Her dress was a short white dress and was flowing until her knees. She was beautiful. Alisha looked at Juliya as if it was her first time. After a lot of pushing away Juliya finally broke down the walls of Alisha and showed her love. She filled every corner of Alisha’s life with care and love. They went through dark times and good times together. When Alisha kissed Juliya, she always felt she was the luckiest person in the world. Juliya’s care free attitude intimidated Alisha and Alisha’s perfection habits scared Juliya but somehow their flaws made them love each other even more.
Alisha looked at the guests, they were looking at Alisha with awe. Alisha made sure all of the guests that were here today accepted their relationship. She didn’t want this wedding to have any hate in it. Alisha’s father tugged at Alisha’s arm and they took the first step.
“So how come she took on the groom’s role” asked her father.
“We flipped a coin”
“Well I guess the luck went into my favour, I’ve always wanted to walk you down the aisle” said her father.
Finally Alisha was in front of Juliya. They both looked at each other and Alisha’s father let her go and went to his seat.
“You look amazing” Juliya whispered.
“You look beautiful” Alisha replied.
As they said their vows and their ‘I do’s’ the priest told them to kiss.
“You may kiss each other”
Alisha made sure he changed the word ‘bride’ with ‘each other’ because they were both brides.
Juliya pulled Alisha for a kiss before Alisha was prepared. They let go slowly.
“God I was wanting to do this to you all day” whispered Juliya impatiently.
Alisha smiled sheepishly.
“Can’t wait to sleep with you tonight”
Juliya said it so quietly that only Alisha heard. Which is why when she blushed uncontrollably beside the smirking Juliya, people wondered why.
Alisha looked at Juliya all day and knew it will always be her and Juliya living in their world, and she loved it that way.

I’m No Nicholas Sparks, Fiona.

She was sitting underneath the shade and reading a book about romance in the neighborhood park. It was a large field with a playground in the corner. Her curly brown hair was tied back and her pale skin was exposed since her hair couldn’t cover her face. She was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt and this was one of her official lazy days.
She looked up with a tears running down her eyes and quickly wiped them away.
“Oh uh hey Dylan” greeted Fiona.
Dylan chuckled and sat beside her.
“I was going to the convenience store and saw you reading here. Decided to say hi but clearly you’re still reading those stupid stories” he explained.
Fiona glared at Dylan. She looked at his messy light brown hair and tan skin. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and khaki shorts.
“They are not stupid, they’re very sad and ro-”
“cheesy as hell” Dylan cut-offed Fiona.
Fiona sighed with frustration.
“So what if they’re cheesy? At least the men in these books actually value their woman. Or regret it when they don’t. Better than  actual guys.” defended Fiona.
Dylan raised his eyebrows.
“Fiona, they’re just stories. They give you expectations and you’ll just end up being disappointed. Plus half the time the guy never gets the girlfriend” justified Dylan.
Fiona watched him lean back on the tree and look at her. He was wasting his time to listen to Fiona talk about romantic novels and Fiona was happy about that. Ecstatic.
“Oh yeah. Says the guy who has had like two girlfriends. Guess how many I’ve had Dylan?” questioned Fiona. She sat in front of Dylan and crossed her legs and rested her elbows on her knees and then used her arm to support her head. Dylan looked at her and raised his eyebrows. For a good while since he had moved to the neighborhood  a year ago, Dylan had a growing crush on Fiona but she seemed to never notice, either she was too into her books or she was studying. There were times where her mind was off of books and she would look up and notice the world around her. Dylan loved biking past her house, he always rang the bell on his bike and she’d come onto her balcony that was attached to her room and would smile and wave. They talked at school and they had the same friends. But Fiona was more introverted and liked staying home and for some reason, Dylan found that interesting. Sooner or later he realized he was falling for her.
“At least one” answered Dylan. Fiona raised her eyebrows at Dylan and crossed her arms.
Dylan shrugged.
Fiona shook her head and laughed.
“None Dylan, I had none. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for all my life. So I grew up with all these guys and what makes it worse is my dad is the baseball coach so most of the guys see me as their sister. Not like I want any of these guys to be my boyfriend. Chester is one of the most popular and cutest guy in the neighborhood, but he’s a slob when it comes to kissing and a really big jerk. Don’t get me started on the baseball captain, Jaedon-”
“Looks to me you’re as equally at fault” interrupted Dylan.
Fiona looked at him. She went into deep thought. Dylan smirked.
“How so?” asked Fiona.
“You’re a beautiful girl Fiona, these guys probably wanted you at one point in their lives but you never want them which proves that romantic novels makes your expectations high” clarified Dylan.
Fiona opened her mouth to defend herself but then closed it because she realized he was right. She always felt uneasy around Dylan but never really understood why. Dylan was different then most guys she knew. He stayed under the radar but was unpredictable. Every time he passed by her house he rang his bell on his bike and she would have been lying if she didn’t say she loved it when he did that. She felt like she mattered enough to him. It was funny, she was always the unnoticable sister of two legends. Her older brother was the best baseball captain who brought the team to national championship. He was loved by the girls in high school and it wasn’t different when he went off to university. People still talked about him and when he came back for the holidays a bunch of girls would suddenly become Fiona’s best friends. If her brother wasn’t a big deal enough, her sister was there. She was considered model-pretty and was an amazing dancer. She was as popular as her brother and now that she was in her senior year, most of the attention went on her. Being a junior, Fiona was just considered as the invisible little sister. Having Dylan call her out and say she’s beautiful was a big deal.
“Fine I do have expectations, but you know it doesn’t matter. I probably won’t get a romantic novel worthy story but hey at least I have something to fantasize about” interjected Fiona.
Dylan smirked and inched closer to Fiona. Fiona blushed and looked away.
“Why do you read so much, anyways?”
Fiona sighed.
“Because as a kid I was the daughter that wasn’t that special. You know about Gillian and Calvin. So I didn’t really like talking to people because they’d always figure out I wasn’t as interesting as them. I started reading books because it comforted me. I started from mysteries, to sci-fi and I guess now romantic stories.” revealed Fiona.
Dylan looked at Fiona silently. Looking at Dylan with specks of sunlight on his hair and the way he looked at her with interest made Fiona realize she had feelings for him. The way her heart beat fast and her palms sweated, she realized she was just like those girls in the books. She felt like an idiot for not figuring it out.
“Well I’m boring you with my stories. I mean I bet you have better things to do then stay with a girl that reads books for fun” said Fiona and she took her book from the ground and was about to get up.
Dylan took her hand and pulled her down. She was leaning into him. She read about this somewhere in a book.
“Trust me, nothing is better than spending time with a girl who reads books for fun.” whispered Dylan.
Fiona widened her eyes in shock.
“I’m not that interesting Dylan”
Dylan chuckled.
“No matter how much Nicholas Sparks describes how beautiful his characters are, none of them can be as beautiful as you are. No matter how much John Green makes his characters seem extraordinary you can beat it. You’re smart and you’re not the typical type of pretty Fiona, you’re the type of pretty where you have to look at a while to get the full picture. Just like art.” confessed Dylan.
Fiona looked at Dylan and he looked back. They stared at each other for a long time, finally Dylan pulled her closer and kissed her. His hand caressed her face and she kissed him back. Finally once they pulled apart Dylan grinned. Fiona looked down in embarrassment.
“Trust me Fiona, if you let me be your boyfriend we would be able to make a romantic novel worthy story” whispered Dylan.
Fiona smiled.
Dylan laughed and nodded.
“Either way I’d still like you” pointed out Fiona.
“Good cause they’re too cheesy for me”
Fiona glared at Dylan and he chuckled.
Before Fiona could sigh Dylan stole another kiss. Fiona closed her eyes and decided it was best to make her own story this time and kissed him back.

Leaving The Box

It wasn’t like he didn’t like going out. He just would rather stay home and play video games or listen to music then hang out with people he didn’t necessarily like. He liked his anime better then the real world. No one could hurt him. People were idiots. Which is why he didn’t expect himself to be standing beside the bus stop waiting for her. It was a Saturday evening, and Penelope forced David to get out of his house and wait for her at the bus stop. He was nervous around girls and he hated crowded places like the bus. But for some odd reason he agreed to meet her there. Well, after a lot of convincing he finally said yes. He sighed, and looked at his reflection in front of the glass of the bus stop shelter. He was wearing a snapback but his short brown hair was still visible. He was wearing a polo shirt and a pair of casual shorts. He was wearing his headphones and was getting into the song “Codec” by Zedd. Right when the beat dropped, someone took his headphones off.
“Hey handsome,” she whispered.
He looked down at her. She was short and had beautiful eyes. Her sea green eyes looked up into his and she was grinning.
“You scared me.” he mustered up.
Penelope smirked and stuck out her tongue.
“One day you’ll care about someone rather than something” she retorted.
David looked at her short black hair, and noticed her bangs were covering too much of her face. So he brushed her bangs away.
Penelope didn’t expect it and he noticed her eyes widen and her cheeks were starting to blush.
The bus arrived and they went on it. Finally, David asked, “so where the hell are we going?”.
Penelope smirked and told him, “for me to know and you to find out, sweetheart”.
David sighed and sat back in his bus seat and Penelope sat beside him. They chose to sit at the back. Nothing came easy from Penelope. She was a mysterious puzzle he hadn’t solved and it always drove him mad. For all her knew she could be using him as a sacrifice and then funny thing is he wouldn’t be shocked if she did. She was just that odd. He didn’t know how he became friends with her, since they were little kids when it happened. But it was always her seeking new adventures and him tagging along reluctantly so she wouldn’t get hurt. As they got older he felt like she was home to him. Sometimes he’d rather stay with her then go home and that was a big deal. He knew he liked her, but he also knew Penelope didn’t like him back so he kept it hidden as much as possible. With Penelope’s past two boyfriends, he knew how to control his feelings.
“So how’s the ordinary life of ordinary David, hmm?” she asked.
David sighed.
“I’m not that ordinary” he replied.
“Come on David, you hate going out and when you do its because I keep asking.” she said.
“How does that gotta do with me being ordinary”
“Fine you’re antisocial”
“Then why’d you ask me to come with you, you could have asked someone else”
Penelope looked up at him and sighed.
“Why do you think I asked you, bonehead?” she questioned.
David shrugged.
“Because what’s the point of going on these adventures if its not with you?” Penelope whispered.
David looked at Penelope. Penelope had her eyebrows raised and her arms crossed. David shrugged as an answer.
“You know we have known each other since we were five, since I moved in this neighborhood. You were a small kid and no one talked to you but I did. You were funny and I liked that. I looked forward to going to school because of you. It’s been eleven years David, and I never asked anyone else to come on these ventures with me because I only want to create these memories with you” Penelope confessed.
David looked at her. He looked out at the window and saw the moving sun.
“I like you” David finally answered.
Penelope looked up surprised.
“I like you Penelope Stewart.But you probably don’t like me back and it’s alright”
Penelope blushed and sat back in her chair.
“You couldn’t say it any sooner, you nut?”
“Huh” David asked.
Penelope rolled her eyes and shook her head in a disappointed fashion. Then she smirked. She tugged at the collar of his shirt down so he leaned in to her. Then as they both looked at each other, she kissed him. They didn’t notice that the bus was nearly empty and they didn’t notice that David’s song was still going on. As they finally let go, Penelope grinned.
“I like you too, you antisocial freak”
David looked at her for a long time.
“For how long?”
“Since I was in grade seven, and I came home crying because I was bullied and you came to my house and delivered a bouquet of daisies with a Linkin Park Album with a note saying “don’t care about them, listen to music”, and I realized life without you would be pretty bad” Penelope told David.
“But what about Aaron and Mason?” David asked. They were her two previous boyfriends.
“Aaron liked me a lot, and I thought since you didn’t like me I might as well try liking him but we both know how that ended. And as for Mason, it was because he kept asking..we broke up mostly because of the fact that he noticed I liked you a lot.” Penelope explained.
“I didn’t like Aaron anyways,” David said.
“I always thought it was because he hurt me, but it’s kinda cute that you didn’t like him because you liked me”
David grinned.
“So where are we going?” David asked.
“Nowhere, this bus is going to go back to the bus stop, I was supposed to confess to you”
“On a bus?”
“We always started off our adventures by going on a bus, so thought it was the best place”
David kissed her on top of her head and Penelope smiled and kissed him on the cheek. She held his hand and David put his head on her shoulder.
“Didn’t know it’d be this natural” David told Penelope.
“You know what else is natural?”
David looked at Penelope and before they knew it, Penelope kissed him and David held her waist and kissed her back. Sometimes leaving your comfort box is worth it.

That Feeling of Loneliness

One thing I don’t like about summer, is the fact that you have to stay home for most of the time. I guess the reason why I don’t like that, is because I can feel my mind asking questions that I don’t like knowing the answers of.
“Is there really someone out there that’s afraid of losing you?”
“Do you really matter”
“What are you even good at anyways?”
“See no one really cares about you, so why are you holding on?”
“Is there really any reason for you to be alive, I mean there are a lot of pros to being dead”
I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.
I’m constantly left alone to think like this and as much as I want to be optimistic I find no reason to be. I look in the mirror and I look uglier than I did the day before. I look fatter than I did the day before. I hate the feeling I get, when someone messages me only when they need me. Or need someone to talk to. Its this pathetic feeling that forms and I completely despise it. When I feel lonely, I tend to want to be alone and shut the world out because I hate being a burden on others. That’s my biggest flaw. I don’t know what to hold on to anymore.